ribeye & blue cheese butter

Grown up play dough with blue cheese. You heard me right, we're mashin' up some Blue Cheese Butter guys. You could slather this stuff on anything (watch video for more pairing ideas). Today the lucky recipient is a gorgeous salt-crusted ribeye paired with a fresh and fruity salad.

Serves 4


4 Ribeye Steaks

½ cup Softened Butter

4 oz. Blue Cheese

2 Sprigs Rosemary, chop 1

2 Peaches, wedged

2 Bunches Watercress

½ Lemon, just juice


1. Salt steaks and grill.

2. Melt butter and place in a mortar and pestle.

3. Add blue cheese and 1 sprig rosemary and mash.

4. Flip steak and add half the butter to the top.

5. Toss peaches and watercress into a bowl.

6. Pull steak from grill. Top with butter and sprig of rosemary. Let rest.

7 .Juice lemon over salt and salt.

8. Slice the steak. Top with salad. Serve extra butter on the side.

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