Formerly the National Chef for Acclaimed Kitchen Retailer Sur La Table, I have taught thousands of home cooks how to be more confident in the kitchen.  While teaching, I noticed that home cooks throw way too much food away.  This was the complete opposite of what I was taught in pro kitchens.  The average home cook hardly thinks of food waste, but they should.  Not only is it bad for your household’s bottom line, it sucks for the planet and you are throwing out tons of potential flavor.


In an effort to spread the word about saving your scraps, I make a monthly appearances on NBC’s Today Show, put out daily cooking videos and a motivational newsletter!

For two seasons I hosted my own cooking show the A&E series, “Scraps,” where I traveled the states sharing stories and cooking sustainably with talented chefs from all walks of life. 

From the show, I was inspired to write my cookbook “Cooking Scrappy.”  I came up with 100 recipes to help you stop wasting food, save money, and love what you eat.  If you’re interested, I can send you a signed copy if you click over to my cookbook tab. 

I’m Joel, rookie dad, and motivational chef! My parents split when I was a teenager and I realized that cooking food for my family brought us back around the table.    I kinda feel like I was put on this planet to spread that message and inspire people to cook more and be mindful of food waste while doing it.  Since culinary school, I’ve been spearheading the sustainability movement, and doing what I can to inspire the world to waste less food. 


Perhaps one of my favorite initiatives that brought me closer to other food waste haters has been #scrapmyfridge.  It’s for when you open the fridge, see nothing, deep sigh. 


At that moment snap a pic of what’s in your fridge.  Go post #scrapmyfridge to social or email me and I personally will hit you back with some killer ideas of what to cook.  




"I want to rally people to cook, I want to encourage happy mistakes and sad looking produce."